Team Rudisha

David has a solid team behind him, that frees his hands off the details and let him concentrate on running
<p>Colm O Connell </p><p>Coach</p>

Colm O Connell


Colm O'Connell is an Irish missionary who came to the Kenya in 1976. Despite having no coaching background, he began helping aspiring young athletes. Today, over 25 of his students have gone on to become world champions, and four have won Olympic gold medals, including Rudisha. At you have an option to buy letter of recommendation and even get editing services for free.

Rudisha was one of Brother Colm's junior athletes and only coach throughout Rudisha's running career.

<p>James Templeton </p><p>Commercial Agent</p>

James Templeton

Commercial Agent

Twenty years ago, James started his career as a financial analyst in Sydney working nine-to-five, feeding a fascination for the phenomenon that is Kenyan running on the side. How an Australian desk jockey with a passion for African athletics ended up managing one of the world's best runners came down to chance and a connection that transcended cultural differences.

Today, he represents a small and elite group of some of the world's best middle-distance runners, and a combination of several Gold, Silver and Bronze medals at all the major games attributed to his clients.

<p>Simon Neubauer</p><p>Running PR Manager</p>

Simon Neubauer

Running PR Manager

Simon is a senior communications director at adidas global based at the headquarterss in Nurenberg, Germany. He has over 7 years of experience in handling the public relations component of some of the world's top athletes with endorsement contacts at adidas global.

<p>Vincent Ochieng</p><p>Business Manager</p>

Vincent Ochieng

Business Manager

Vincent is the newest member of the team and a man with many talents and a wide array of resources to help put his talents to good use. For the last nine years he has competed as a triathlete, representing Kenya in several international competitions. He brings a wealth of experience in brand communications, social engineering and life-coaching that is much needed to bring the Rudisha brand to a greater success. Currently he works as a Business Manager in Team Rudisha. Working closely with agents and staff to ensure everyone in Team Rudisha is pulling in the same direction.